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Outbreak Update – Friday, October 23, 2020

Today, we were notified that a 2nd Resident has tested positive for Covid-19.  In this case, the Resident recently returned from an acute care site where Covid-19 outbreaks have been declared.  This Resident has been isolated in their room since returning from hospital and staff have been wearing the required PPE.  This Resident will be moved to our Adult Day Program room which was converted into our Covid Unit.   Staff have been dedicated solely to this space to stop the spread of the virus.  Contact tracing is underway.

The Centre continues to manage the Covid-19 outbreak according to Shared Health guidelines and our own internal Covid-19 Pandemic Plan.

Residents on Covid affected care units are being kept in their rooms as much as possible.  Resident meals are being served in their rooms.  Recreation and Spiritual Care will be provided on a one to one basis.  Enhanced cleaning procedures have been put in place.

On other care units, safe distances are kept between Residents during meals.  Recreational and Spiritual Care programs are being held in a modified manner.  Residents that are safely able to tolerate wearing a non-medical mask are wearing facility supplied and laundered non-medical masks.  Enhanced cleaning has been put in place.

We have purchased, received and put into use a UVC disinfecting chamber, a Nocospray fogger and an electrostatic sprayer.  These items will help to clean large areas, surfaces and items to reduce contamination.

Staff are now entering through the front entrance and are being screened.  All staff continue to wear personal protective equipment and practice universal precautions such as hand hygiene.  Staff are provided with safe distanced break spaces.

Please check your email regularly for updates.  Thank you for your support and understanding during this unsettling time.

Posted on October 24, 2020.