The Simkin Centre Quality Improvement Plan


The Board Quality Care Committee ensures that quality improvement is an integral component of The Centre’s governance and management process.  They monitor and report to the Board on measurable quality indicators making use of appropriate data: including critical incident reports, occurrence reports, complaints, quality indicators and any Leadership and Medical Advisory Committees’ recommendations related to systemic or recurring quality issues.

Resident Care

The Saul and Claribel Simkin Centre is pleased to provide the third phase of our quality improvement initiative. We remain committed to our journey towards excellence in the care of the elderly. The focus of this phase is on building strong teams and developing staff to become effective leaders. We anticipate that the combined efforts of this initiative will positively impact the care and services we provide to both our residents and their families.

Resident Care Team Teams and Initiatives

Research Participation

We are proud to be a part of many research projects.  Below is a list of projects we have participated in and are currently participating in.

  • Translating Research in Elder Care (TREC): A long term care research program focused on improving quality of care and quality of life for older adults in residential long term care (nursing homes) and improving the quality of work life for staff.  TREC is a pan-Canadian health services research program concentrated in Western Canada, Ontario, and the Atlantic provinces, with some activity in Canada’s North.  They are looking at developing a pain tool for people with dementia.  Also, we are working with them in the third phase looking at HCA burnout.  The start date for phase three is November 15, 2019.
  • Wandering Behaviour from the Perspectives of Older Adults Living with Mild-Moderate Dementia in Long Term Care Homes:  A Masters student from the College of Nursing met with residents and their families to explore wandering behaviour from the perspectives of older adults living with dementia.  Her work was just published in the Research and Geriatrical Nursing Magazine.
  • BABEL-Better Targeting, Better outcomes for Frail Elderly Patients:  This 2 year initiative is funded by the Canadian Frailty Network and Research Manitoba.  The goal is to standardize the approach to advanced care planning in nursing homes.  The Simkin Centre is an intervention site and will follow the BABEL approach for those residents who meet the criteria.  Completion is anticipated in 2020.
  • Functional Movement System – A Proactive Approach to Identify Movement Dysfunction: The objective is to reduce the frequency and severity of musculoskeletal injury in staff by identifying functional movement deficits that may be predictive of general musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.  The ultimate goal is to modify these movement deficits through individual corrective exercise prescriptions to restore movement pattern.

Manitoba Health Standards 2018

The Saul and Claribel Simkin Centre underwent its bi-annual Manitoba Health Standards Review in May 2018.  We would like to share the report from that review. The Centre passed all 12 standards upon which it was evaluated.

The Saul and Claribel Simkin Centre – Standards Review Report – June 2018

Manitoba Health Unannounced Standards – March 15, 2019

Manitoba Health & the WRHA presented for an unannounced visit on March 5th at 1400.  We received the results on June 4th.  No unmet performance measures were identified and only one area was identified where follow up was recommended.  We are very proud of this result.

Saul and Claribel Simkin Centre – Unannounced Review Report – June 2019