Capturing the Jewish Spirit

Whether it’s the taste of Jewish food, the sound of Yiddish music, or the comfort of a Shabbat service, The Saul & Claribel Simkin Centre aims to provide an inviting environment, steeped in Jewish heritage.

The Centre’s Jewish identity is enhanced through our rich slate of holiday services and cultural programs. The Centre also maintains a rigorous kashrut standard through the Orthodox Union.

For our residents, Jewishness goes back a long way. And even as cognition fades, those very early Jewish memories can remain strong. By calling on those memories through music, language, and programming, we aim to contribute to people’s sense of joy and well-being.

The Centre also provides our residents, of all faiths, access to our Spiritual Care Program with two highly qualified spiritual care workers who each offer their unique skills on promoting spiritual health and well-being.

Jewish life at the Centre is made possible by funding from our caring community. To make a donation contact the Fundraising Office at (204) 589-9027 or

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