Admission to The Saul and Claribel Simkin Centre

Aujah Fowler-Thomas, BA (Hons), BSW, RSW

Understanding a provincial process

Admissions to personal care homes in Manitoba are a Regional Health Authority responsibility, and a standard process is followed.

This process begins with WRHA Home Care.  The Home Care Coordinator will panel an individual for long-term care placement if they require 24-hour support and supervision.

The panelling process involves collecting a medical assessment, the completion of a dependency assessment, and a behavioural supplement. The WRHA Long Term Care Access Centre will review this information.  The information collected forms the individual’s application.  If the review reveals that an individual meets the requirements of long-term care, they are accepted and considered panelled.

Residents are charged a per diem rate based on income reported on their income tax.  The per diem rates are standardized and set by Manitoba Health based on the Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency.   This is paid directly to the provincial government.  The assessment is decided based on the need.  The daily rate is re-assessed annually.  If a spouse is entering the facility, the rate is based on the couple’s combined income.

Please contact the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority  for more information.

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