A Wide Variety of Delicious Meals

Nutrition meets nostalgia

As with every aspect of The Saul & Claribel Simkin Centre, Jewish tradition plays an integral role in the planning and preparation of meals for the facility’s 200 residents. That is why gefilte fish, herring, lox, blintzes, and chicken soup are among the menu staples regularly prepared in the facility’s 6,000 square foot, main floor, state-of-the-art, industrial production kitchen.

The Food and Dietary Services Department considers many factors when planning meals, including individual diets, medical concerns, texture requirements, personal tastes, and Jewish dietary laws.

It’s common for residents of personal care homes to experience a reduced appetite later in life. Our experience shows that traditional Jewish foods will help stimulate the appetite by stimulating positive feelings and memories.

Our goal is to make meal times a healthy experience for body and spirit, and a time of meaningful social interaction.


We are a VKW Kosher Food Production Facility

Meet Luciano, our Meschgiah at the Saul & Claribel Simkin Centre. He works an average of 20 hours per week. He starts at 6:30am to start the ovens as we have cooks that start at that time and he typically stays until 9:30am to 10:00am. Below are various pictures of Luciano overseeing different aspects of production. He makes sure that our products are kosher certified, checking lettuce and some other vegetables. In addition, he cleans and kosherizes dishes, as well as ensures our cooks are keeping items separated.