The Kanee Family

60 years of inspiration and leadership

The legacy of Sam, Rose, Abe, and Sol Kanee constitutes a unique and unparalleled contribution of time, service, financial support, and wisdom by one family to the foundation and sustenance of the Winnipeg’s Jewish personal care home. The former facility on Magnus avenue was dedicated in their honour.

Sam Kanee

Sam Kanee served on the Board of Directors from 1937 to 1951 including two years as Board Chair. Sam joined the Sharon Home Board shortly after arriving in Winnipeg in 1937. During his 14-year involvement as a Board member, he contributed to the finance and the building committees. During his two-year presidency, Sam Kanee was the driving force behind a project to expand the building.

Rose Kanee

Rose Kanee, Sam’s wife, served on the Board from 1937 to 1957 and served as Treasurer of the Ladies’ Auxiliary for more than 20 years, hosting four teas each year to raise funds for the Home.

Abe Kanee

Abe Kanee served on the Board from 1956 to 1977. Abe Kanee, Sam’s brother, continued the work on the expansion when he became Board President in 1956. He guided the Home through its greatest period of expansion with the support of a tightly-knit Board.

Sol Kanee

Sol Kanee, son of Sam and Rose Kanee, was greatly respected in the Jewish community and in the community at large. During his years as an Advisor to the Board, he worked on changing the organization’s bylaws and Board structure. He embraced his family’s tradition by generously supporting the Sharon Home.