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Your generosity helps us provide medical, spiritual, and emotional support for elders in our community.

You can help by donating, leaving a gift in your will, or volunteering.

Aviva Tabac, Fundraising Administrative Officer

Thanks to our donors we are able to offer our residents enriching life experiences that keep them engaged, active, and happy.

Fundraising at the Saul and Claribel Simkin Centre:

  • The Saul and Claribel Simkin Centre Family Education Endowment Fund (Administered by the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba – please click link above to donate) This Fund was established in 2009 by the Brodovsky and Tauber Families in honour of their parents. The fund provides one financial award annually to help with the cost of post-secondary education for the child or dependent of a long term employee, as a form of gratitude to the staff of the Centre. The Fund is administered by The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba which selects the recipient.  You can also donate to this fund by calling our Fundraising Administrative Officer, Aviva, at (204) 589-9027
  • Chai Fund
    Helping to support the Centre where needs are greatest.
  • Fresh Fruit Fund
    Thanks to the Fresh Fruit Fund, our Resident’s menu will include fresh fruit at least twice a week.  The types of fruit offered will depend on the season and availability.  This fund will provide additional financial support to the Dietary Department so that they will be able to purchase this fresh fruit option to our Residents.  Fresh fruit will also be incorporated into the Therapeutic Recreation activities.  **NEW**  Residents will have the opportunity to enjoy freshly squeezed orange juice daily in our Cafe.  Your donations will support the cost of these new initiatives.
  • Therapeutic Recreation
    Providing activities that engage the mind, body, and imagination to help our elders stay active and happy.
  • Spiritual Care
    Supporting the spiritual needs for residents of all faith traditions, with a special focus on Judaism. Pastoral care, end of life care, prayer, counselling, group sessions, and many other services are provided by Spiritual Health Staff members.
  • Shabbat and Holy Day Services
    Supporting the cost to provide Shabbat services including Friday prayers and Saturday services; services for the High Holy Days, Sukkot, Chanukah and many other holidays; audio/visual equipment; and other costs associated with these services which are attended by residents and their families, volunteers, staff, and community members.
  • Volunteer Services
    Working to enrich lives by supporting essential programs and services at the Simkin Centre while reducing costs, building capacity, and providing a strong community of support.
  • Rehabilitation Services
    Providing services and equipment to keep people active and mobile, regardless of physical or cognitive barriers to health.
  • Resident Care
    Providing much needed support for specialized equipment, dementia and behavioural care, and end of life care.
  • Music at the Centre
    The Centre holds weekly Sunday concerts and offers regularly scheduled music programs like Classical Connections, and other weekday programming. One-time Music Therapy sessions are provided to residents who might benefit and further sessions are available on a fee for service basis, Music Therapy is also provided during end of life care.
  • End of Life Care and Comfort Care Baskets
    Spiritual Health Staff help families and residents by providing a caring presence to the dying and offering prayer where requested. Families are supported in their grief both during the dying process and after death has occurred. Residents and their families are offered special comfort measures such as Comfort Care Baskets which include  a CD player, music, information packages, tissues, prayer books, teas and much more. The Centre also offers a 30-minute music therapy session which often results in a change in state of consciousness and can bring about moments of clarity and emotional connection, helping to soothe the resident and their family.
  • The Saul and Claribel Endowment Fund (Administered by the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba)
    This fund was founded as an endowment to support the Saul & Claribel Simkin Centre. This Fund helps to support ongoing programs and services at the Centre and serves to ensure the health of the Centre long into the future.

For more information contact the Fundraising Office at (204) 589-9027 or

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