Resident Council

Empowering Residents

The Simkin/Weinberg Resident Council meets monthly to share ideas and any concerns with senior staff.  Membership of the Council is open to all residents of the Saul & Claribel Simkin Centre.  The function of the Council is to:

  • empower residents to deal with issues of interest or concern and make constructive recommendations to management
  • review and revise, as necessary, the Resident’s Bill of Rights annually
  • promote communication between residents, staff and management
  • provide the opportunity for residents to have input into all aspect of care and service delivery
  • promote interest and friendship among residents
  • advise the facilitator about how to spend money raised through resident trust accounts and other Council fundraising efforts

Selma Smordon and David Pollock, on behalf the Resident Council, thanking staff for doing such a good job caring for them.  Ice cream was passed out to staff and pictures were taken.

The Simkin/Weinberg Resident Council meet every month.