Spontaneous Bird Experience

Yesterday, we saw a little bird outside in the Simkin Courtyard. By the way the bird was acting, we thought it might be injured. Nurse Febin put his hand out and the bird climbed onto his hand and arm. He was able to show the bird to several residents before the bird regained its strength and was ready to fly away home. Residents were in awe and loved the spontaneous experience.


Trembling Like a Leaf in the Wind

Many of you may know that artist Susan Turner has had a long association with The Centre (and The Sharon Home) as an employee, volunteer, and family member. Her artwork can be found in The Centre and her husband Myron created the etched glass in the Stall/Gobuty Synagogue.

More recently, Susan was the curator for the synagogue exhibit at the Asper Campus. This video was produced and directed by Susan whose mother, Babe Hershfield, was a resident of the Simkin Centre from 2009 to 2011.

Trembling Like a Leaf in the Wind

Thank you to our Spiritual Care Volunteers

Our Shabbat Services are conducted in our Stall/Gobuty Synagogue by Steven Hyman throughout the year. Residents enjoy being able to attend these services right in their own home. During the summer months, Steven takes some well deserved time off. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following volunteers for stepping in during this time to conduct the services in his absence. A huge thank you to …..
Larry Fishman, Sid Halpern, Harvey Cohen, and Mel Hornstein. Your time and love for the Simkin Centre is so very much appreciated.

Stall.Gobuty Synagogue

Updates to 2016/2017 Residential Charges

Below is an excerpt of what we received from the Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Financial Officer, Dan Skwarchuk, from Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living Administration and Finance office. If you have a loved one living at the Simkin Centre, please make note.

“As you are aware, each year the rates for residential charges change effective August 1st under government regulations. This is usually communicated early in July, with information pamphlets distributed to the RHAs allowing preparation for implementation of the new rates shortly thereafter. Due to the election this year and a later than usual release of 2016/17 estimates minutes, approval of residents rates has been delayed. This unfortunately will result in the RHAs not receiving revised rate information until late July or even early August. We will make any updated information available based on government approval…….Based on timing and your capability to implement changes quickly, this could result in use of old rates in August and applying the changes retroactively in September.”

We share this with you so that you will be informed regarding your residential charges. Thank you for your understanding. This situation is out of our control.

If you have any questions, please call our Financial Services Assistant at (204) 589-9047.

Summer Fashion Show

Ethel is relatively new at the Centre. She moved in a few months ago. In days gone by, she was one of the first ever “Max Factor Girls” and states that she also modeled for Eaton’s and Dalmy’s. Ethel turned 104 this past summer and still applies her own make up. She loved it when we placed this on her head. You could tell she felt like royalty.




??????????????????????????????? Our Recreation Students enjoyed modeling for the residents.