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Picnic Basket Memories

On July 12th, we enjoyed our “Picnic Memories, Then & Now” program. Part of the program included “Picnic Boxes” filled with cookies and snacks. Below is a story shared by one of our residents about her memories of picnic boxes.

“Darlene’s Picnic Box” – In 1945, when I was 14 years old living in Oklahoma, I made a picnic box in the shape of a pumpkin and it was filled with candies, cookies and fruit. The boxes were auctioned to the boys. My box was bought by Willis. Willis and I sat together in the auditorim as we ate the contents of the box. This was the beginning of many things I experienced in my rural community where I grew up.

Pictured below is Darlene and her husband, Leo. They have been married for 60 years. The box pictured is one of the boxes decorated for the program.

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Posted on July 19, 2016.