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Lucky Number 72?!

Years ago, a family wished to get their mother something special and fabulous for her 71st birthday. They contracted a custom vertical garden to be built. Eventually, when the wall was completed they counted how many 6″ holes there were for pots, and it added up to 72. The mother responded to the number 72, indicating that the extra pot was “for good luck” just like an extra candle is good luck on a birthday cake.

The following year, the mother was lucky enough to spend endless summer hours with family and friends – designing, shopping, planting, watering and harvesting this garden wall. Not to mention the time just lazing around and being mesmerised and engulfed by its beauty. It created a sense of purpose, serenity and awe – a true blessing.

Now, this vertical garden has found its new home at the Simkin Centre, in the Simkin Building Garden. The garden it now inhabits is enjoyed by the building where 72 residents live. Luck or Bashert?!?

Residents have been enjoying this garden – strawberries are everbearing, green peppers are starting to form and gnomes have found their homes.

Can you help us name this vertical garden?

Posted on July 18, 2017.