Gunn’s Bakery History Talk” – Featuring Bernie and Fivie Gunn, with Bill Brownstone. Today we were honoured to host the Gunn Brothers at the Centre. Many residents remembered them. It was like a reunion, of sorts. Some interesting facts shared with residents were:

– Their parents came from Poland, opened Gunn’s Bakery in 1937 and lived behind the Bake Shop in a one bedroom apartment until they had to renovate again and again an then again.
– Gunn’s Bakery was the first Kosher bakery in Winnipeg. Their older sister, Betty, worked in the bakery until she got married and had her own children. She then moved out of Province.
– Bernie said that one of his favourites are the Apple Jacks. Fivie described his father’s famous sandwich – pumpernickel bread with cream cheese and pickles.
– Selkirk Avenue was the main street of the Jewish community. They had everything they needed, right there.