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Guidelines for Designated Visitations

July 24, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,                 

We look forward to welcoming Designated Family Caregivers for indoor visitation starting July 27th, 2020 between the hours of 10 am and 7:30 pm.

Our success in enabling safe in-room visits will depend greatly on the cooperation, trust and communication between Residents, families and our staff.  We are counting on all of you to carry on with the amazing work that our staff have done up until now keeping COVID-19 out of the Centre and away from our Residents.  The responsibility of all visitors is enormous and should be taken very seriously each and every time you visit the Centre.

As a reminder, COVID-19 has not gone away.  We must remain cautious and vigilant.  Failure to do so will result in catastrophic outcomes for our Residents and staff.

Please review the following information carefully and note that these guidelines are subject to change at the discretion of the Management Team or as we are directed by Public Health.

Indoor Visitation – Guidelines

  • Two Designated Family Caregivers who have been identified by the Resident/designate will be able to visit in the Resident’s room.  Physical distancing between the 2 caregivers must be maintained if both are visiting at the same time.  However, if the 2 caregivers are from the same household they do not have to physically distance from one another.
  • No appointment is necessary.  Indoor visits will be accommodated during the designated visiting hours of 10 am to 7:30 pm in order to provide reasonable flexibility for designated family caregivers.
  • All designated family caregivers will be screened prior to entry, sign in and sign out (please bring your own pen) to support contact tracing and must sanitize their hands prior to travelling to the Resident’s room and when leaving the building.
  • Designated family caregivers must be symptom free, wear a mask while in the Simkin Centre (please bring your own mask), travel straight to the Resident’s room without loitering in any common areas or other Resident rooms and avoid touching surfaces in the facility in route to the Resident’s room.
  • If you arrive at the Resident’s room and they are not there, please activate the nurse call bell system for assistance and wait patiently for someone to bring your loved one.
  • Visits must occur in the Resident’s room or outdoors near the front entrance.
  • Designated family caregivers will not be permitted in dining rooms to assist with meals or to assist during recreation programs.  We encourage you to plan your visits outside of these times. 
  • Brief hugs and handholding are allowed, while encouraging as much distance as possible between the faces of the Resident and caregiver.
  • Designated family caregivers may participate in the care of the Resident while in the Resident’s room, keeping in mind to maintain as much distance as possible between the faces of the Resident and caregiver.
  • Designated family caregivers are to remain physically distanced from staff.  This includes during times when staff are providing care to your loved one.
  • The café and vending machine are not accessible to designated family caregivers.
  • Public washrooms for use by designated family caregivers are located near the synagogue.
  • Please limit what personal belongings you bring into the Centre.  If you are bringing in items for a Resident, please wipe down the items at our self serve sanitization station prior to bringing the items in the building.

Outdoor Visits – Guidelines

  • Designated Family Caregivers are welcome to visit outside near the front entrance of the Simkin Centre at anytime during designated indoor visiting hours.
  • General/social visitors are those people who visit for social reasons.  General/social visitors (those who are not designated family caregivers) may continue to schedule outdoor visits through our existing booking system.  Outdoor visits may also be facilitated by the designated family caregivers.
  • All outdoor visitors will be required to self screen prior to their visit.  Please use this screening tool that has been developed by Shared Health .  Outdoor visitors must also sign in and out on the sign in sheet located at the self-serve sanitization station.  This will support contact tracing should the need arise. Please bring your own pen.
  • Up to 4 visitors will be accommodated for an outdoor visit.
  • Visits will take place at designated visiting stations near the front entrance of the Centre.  Visiting stations have been set up to promote physical distancing between people and parties.
  • Wearing a mask during your visit is highly recommended.
  • A self-service cleaning and hand sanitizing station will be available. We ask that you sanitize your hands prior to and following the visit and the sitting area/table following the visit.
  • Walks on the property through the front doors are considered a low risk activity and will be permitted with the support of the designated family caregiver.

We appreciate your ongoing patience, understanding and support as we work through these new processes.

Posted on July 24, 2020.