Corn, Corn, Corn

It’s that time of year again. Our Annual Cornfest. Every year we cook up some fresh picked corn, then add butter and salt. Residents thoroughly enjoyed it. There were comments like, “Oh, it is so sweet” and “So Yummy!”. As you walked around the room, you could hear sounds of “mmmmmm”. There were many smiles too. One resident said, “I only have my uppers in, but I’ll manage” as she devoured her corn passionately. Thank you to the Therapeutic Recreation, Kitchen, and Resident Care staff for going the extra mile to make this event a memorable one.

The Caribbean Comes to the Simkin Centre

We took a trip to the Caribbean last week, or the Caribbean came to the Simkin Centre. Residents enjoyed the lively dancing and music. They also tried a popular beverage in the Caribbean. The sights, sounds and taste made it a great get away for us all.