Farewell Rabbi Green

On Thursday, March 8th, we sent our farewells to Rabbi Green. Residents said a few words, we presented him with a special glass plaque of thanks and we enjoyed special cupcakes. Rabbi Green has been coming to our site for many years. His knowledge of Jewish music has made him a favorite for many residents. He explains the piece of music, plays it and then residents give him feedback as to what they thought. The core theme of his visits are primarily appreciating Jewish music. His love of the music he plays is so evident… residents would sit attentive for an entire hour listening to CD’s. Rabbi Green would often remark that this hour with residents was his only time, in his very busy life, that he could stop and enjoy his true love of this music. We will miss your visits, Rabbi.

Congratulations to Mike Deal

Rose Hoffer, 100, is the first celebrant to arrive prior to the start of the Centenarian Celebration at the Saul & Claribel Simkin Centre where ten women will be celebrated for their birthdays, all of them at least 100 years old, January 23, 2017. (Mike Deal/Winnipeg Free Press)  

2017 National Pictures of the Year Finalists