BBQ Season at The Centre

Today, residents are enjoying an outdoor BBQ with live music. Couldn’t have picked a more perfect day!!

Sara Hochman Fund Moves to JFM

From the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba 2016 Annual Report –

In 2016, The Saul and Claribel Simkin Centre moved its Sara Hochman Music Therapy Endowment Fund to the Centre’s organizational endowment fund at the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba.

“Sara Hochman is a legend at the Simkin Centre. As a community volunteer, for over 50 years, she joyfully played piano for the residents here at the Centre and at the Sharon Home on Magnus Ave. Today, she is in her mid-90’s and still plays piano for our residents from time to time. At the Foundation, the fund will continue to support music programming and music therapy initiatives at the Centre. The evidence is becoming increasingly clear that music is a powerful way to enrich the lives of people living with dementia. Music enhances the well-being of our residents – just like Sara always has.” [Irwin Corobow, Chief Executive Officer, Saul and Claribel Simkin Centre]

Lucky Number 72?!

Years ago, a family wished to get their mother something special and fabulous for her 71st birthday. They contracted a custom vertical garden to be built. Eventually, when the wall was completed they counted how many 6″ holes there were for pots, and it added up to 72. The mother responded to the number 72, indicating that the extra pot was “for good luck” just like an extra candle is good luck on a birthday cake.

The following year, the mother was lucky enough to spend endless summer hours with family and friends – designing, shopping, planting, watering and harvesting this garden wall. Not to mention the time just lazing around and being mesmerised and engulfed by its beauty. It created a sense of purpose, serenity and awe – a true blessing.

Now, this vertical garden has found its new home at the Simkin Centre, in the Simkin Building Garden. The garden it now inhabits is enjoyed by the building where 72 residents live. Luck or Bashert?!?

Residents have been enjoying this garden – strawberries are everbearing, green peppers are starting to form and gnomes have found their homes.

Can you help us name this vertical garden?

Thank you for the Donation

Mrs. Dora Diamond was a resident of the Simkin Centre. When she passed away she bequeathed the sum of $12,000 to The Centre to support the work we do on behalf of our residents. This was truly a gift both from Dora and her husband Albert.  With the guidance of their children, Bonnie Antel and Robert Diamond, The Centre was able to use this gift to purchase three Digital Dual Ram Wheelchair Scales. One is seen in the accompanying photograph. The weighing of residents on a regular basis is an important component of our care. The results of the weighing are used to assess the well being of each resident with abnormal weight loss and are used as guide for modifications to diet and/or the ordering of diagnostic tests (in some cases) to evaluate if there is an underlying medical issue that may result in treatment. The three new scales enable us to have one on each of the Centre’s five units.

We are most grateful for the generosity of the Diamond family.