The Oscars, Winnipeg Style

The Oscars, Winnipeg Style! Today we held The Oscars. Zsa Zsa Gabor, Cher, Sally Fields, Doris Day, and Barbara Streisand were up for nominations. Who won? Check out the pictures to find out.

Residents dressed up for the occasion

The paparazzi were out in full force!

The Red Carpet

There was so much buzz on the red carpet

Zsa Zsa Gabor. THE WINNER!


Doris Day

Barbara Streisand with her number one fan

The Oscar

Mensch Goes to Thialand and Cambodia

The Simkin Centre Ambassador (Mensch) just returned from Thialand and Cambodia.

Cindy, our Manager of TR and Support Services, taught English at the ELMA School in Cambodia. Here, Mensch is posing with one of the teachers.

Cindy and Mensch had a great time caring for the elephants. The elephants are protected and loved at this elephant village in Surin, Thailand.

Beautiful children in Cambodia posing with Mensch.

Purim at the Simkin Centre – 2017

We had a great time celebrating Purim this past Monday, March 13th. Residents, staff, families, friends and companions enjoyed the games, prizes and fund.

Alanna Kull (Director of Care) and Lindsay MacDonald (Administrative Assistant) served popcorn to those who dressed for the occasion.

Our fearless leader, Irwin Corobow (CEO)