Pumpkin Smiles

Residents enjoyed decorating pumpkins for last week’s Pumpkin Decorating Contest. While decorating their pumpkins, residents talked about how many uses these pumpkins can provide. Not only were they decorating them, they were supporting the local farmers who grew them and after the contest they would be used for making pumpkin pie. This resident put on a smile while painting her pumpkin, a smile we like to see from her.

Pumpkin Pies made by residents from their decorated pumpkins

Pumpkin Pies made by residents from their decorated pumpkins

Resident Painting

Pumpkin Contest

Yesterday we had our annual Pumpkin Decorating contest. Each unit decorates a pumpkin(s) and non-partisan judges determine the winner. This year, we had staff entries as well.

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High Holy Day Services

Once again, our High Holy Day services and celebrations were a success. We gratefully acknowledge the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg for partially funding the Choir and audio/visual equipment through their grant. We also want to thank everyone who made a donation to our Spiritual Care Department. Pictured below is the Choir. From left to right (Marshall Dana, Selma Gilfix, Sharon Boonov, Rashi Rudelier, Kyra Swartz, and Dale Diamond Burchuk).