Gardens and Resident Programs

The resident gardens are in full swing this year. Vegetables are planted every year for residents. They love to visit the gardens often, watching the growth, waiting patiently for the harvest. When harvest time arrives, the Recreation staff incorporate harvesting the vegetables with a resident program. It brings back memories for them as the vegetables are picked and used for a cooking program. That is why we ask families, visitors, and staff not to pick the vegetables. We want to save that treasured experience for our residents.


Name Our Newsletter Contest

13501861_1763350703944261_8851562670883309206_n Hi everybody! How would you like to go down in history as the person who named the new Simkin Centre newsletter? Well, here’s your chance. We’d love to hear your suggestions. Aside from guaranteed fame, you’ll be rewarded with this scrumptious prize.

A selection committee made up of Simkin Centre Communications Committee members will choose the winner, who will be announced in the premiere edition of our newsletter this fall. The submitter of the chosen entry can celebrate his/her win with the $100 gift certificate to The Keg Steakhouse & Bar.

Here’s the scoop:
• Submit only original work and as many entries as you wish.
• The name should be relatively short – two to three words or a phrase. It needs to fit on the masthead of the newsletter. It cannot be a registered name or a trademark or brand for any other person or entity or be the name of any other business or company.
• It can express concepts that are associated with the personal care home community and “Simkin” could be part of the name, although not required.
• It should be unique – there are many personal care homes that send out newsletters. We want our newsletter to have a title that is catchy and easily identifiable with Simkin.
• If you have a design in mind for the name, submit that as well, but it is not required.
• Be creative! A creative submission will be favoured over another that may not be as “punchy.”
• You must be a staff, resident/family member or volunteer of the Simkin Centre to enter.
• The deadline for entries is midnight Monday, July 25, 2016.
• Please e-mail or fax your entry, including full name, telephone number and connection with Simkin, to Jo Magnifico, member of the Communications Committee: or (204) 487-0091.

The redesigned newsletter, with the winning name, will debut in September 2016. Start brainstorming and throwing your ideas into the ring today!

Simkin Centre Communications Committee

Fine Dining

Our residents enjoy many activities at the Simkin Centre. Our Therapeutic Recreation Department coordinates outings at least once a month (sometimes more) so that residents can get out and enjoy different food and surroundings. Last summer, a group of residents went to “529 Wellington” (pictured below)


Outdoor Fun

This week, residents enjoyed a picnic in the Weinberg Garden. The weather was perfect for a picnic. Sandwiches, chips, fruit and beverages were served. Not pictured were to two rabbits that hopped across the grass. Nature was showing off that day. (pictures posted with permission)
June 21

June 21-2

Talent at the Simkin Centre

We’d like to introduce you to Marilyn Abosh. She assists our Therapeutic Recreation Department with her lovely painting abilities. She spends approximately 3 hours per week painting displays for the Department’s programs. Marilyn takes pride in her work and enjoys the recognition she receives from fellow residents, families, visitors and staff. Below, Marilyn stands by two pieces she painted for the Queen’s Birthday Celebration.