We love getting feedback from our residents and their families. Below are just a small sampling of the kind words shared with us.

“Olga is fantastic and I love making perogies with her and the recreation staff.” (resident)

— Lillian

“I like the Simkin Centre because its GOOD. The food is good, the girls are good. It’s good.” (resident)

— Toby

“We have been volunteering at the Simkin Centre for 3 years and have enjoyed it immensely.”

— Volunteers

“I enjoy attending the Sunday afternoon concerts. I also love to visit the cafe for a cup of coffee with friends” (resident)

— Phyllis

“The staff are very good here. I feel very safe and know that I am always well cared for. It’s a very nice place to live.” (resident)

— Gertrude

“The staff treat each person on a very personal level – Even the chef takes time to check with each person.”

— Adult Day Program Participant

“I am always cared for and couldn’t ask to live in a better place.”

— Resident on Simkin 2

“Good group to attend. You leave home and have a nice day. You get to meet new people, have great company and social interaction” (Adult Day Program Participant)

— Jean

“It is a great outing. I have been attending 9 years. I really enjoy it and look forward to coming every week.” (Adult Day Program Participant)

— Lillie

“I extremely enjoy the social stimulation of this program. The group, staff and volunteers all take great care of one another. The food is excellent and we are all kept well fed.” (Adult Day Program Participant)

— Alice

“It is a nice place to come to. I enjoy the different company of these wonderful people.” (Adult Day Program Participant)

— Gord

“You meet different people, roughly your own age. We enjoy all the activities we do.” (Adult Day Program Participant)

— James

“The program is very nice, very friendly. Nice to read the paper, manicures and exercises. I do like it. I tell my friends about it.” (Adult Day Program Participant)

— Mary