Mission & Philosophy


The Simkin Centre is a nonprofit personal care home that provides high quality care and services to its residents in accordance with Jewish values and traditions, including  a commitment to kedushah/sanctity, derech eretz/respect for all people, and kavod/honour due each person.


To provide innovative programs and services to our residents that meet their physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and cultural needs and allow each resident to achieve the highest quality of life possible.


The philosophy of The Saul and Claribel Simkin Centre is founded on Jewish tradition, which encompasses respect for elders and responsibility for the welfare for others. This tradition takes into account recognition of the support that has been generously given by the community – past, present, and future –and it is understood that it is the cornerstone of our achievements.

We recognize that staff and volunteers are the most important resources. We understand that our mission can only be achieved through the combined efforts of staff, volunteers, clients and their caregivers. We provide an environment that encourages people to learn and flourish.

We continually strive to improve in the delivery of health and social services to the elderly and their caregivers. We provide care that emphasizes and capitalizes on the individual strengths of each client and family member and embraces the notion of autonomy.

We are accountable for the effective, efficient and ethical utilization of human, financial and material resources in fulfilling our mission.

We protect the interests of the elderly and advocate on their behalf by assuming a leadership role, working cooperatively with others to improve health and social service policy.