Bowling with Students from St. John’s Ravenscourt School

On December 7th, Residents welcomed students from St. John’s Ravenscourt School. Bowling was the activity. The competition was friendly, but fierce. florence Maxey from “The Strikers” lead in scoring and Bernice Walder from “The Pinheads” finished close behine. The students were a huge help and residents loved schmoozing with them.

New Children’s Area

We are excited to have a children’s play area at the Centre! This little area is across from the Weinberg elevators. We have games, puzzles, books and toys for your little ones to enjoy while visiting. If you would like to donate new items for our play area, please contact Aviva Tabac, Fundraising Administrative Officer at 204-589-9027.




Koats for Kids

Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed to the Koats for Kids drive this year. Resident Council made a substantial donation so that we could go out and purchase new items for the kids. The Koats for Kids drivers were delighted with all of our support, and shook hands with members of our Resident Council when they came to collect our 16 boxes!!!

The Tailor Project

The Simkin Centre has been asked to post information about this Project.  If you know of someone who came to Canada in 1948 and 1949 as a tailor or to work in the garment manufacturing industry contact information for the Project is included below.

In 1947 the Canadian Jewish Congress, Jewish Immigration Aid Society, and the Canadian Overseas Garment Commission recognized an opportunity to improve the lives of people in displaced persons camps.

Known as The Tailor Project, this initiative brought more than 2,000 tailors from DP camps in Europe to Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal in 1948. This was the first immigration initiative that allowed Jewish families to come into the country.

The Tailor Project was transformational for many survivors of the terrors of the Holocaust and World War II but their stories remain untold. Who were the tailors? Where did they come from? What was the impact of The Tailor Project on the lives of their families?

If you came to Canada through this program or know someone who did please contact: or call Nicole at 647-980-6181 and visit us at

Thank You Steven Hyman Family

Hyman Family Spiritual Care Fund

We would like to thank Steven Hyman, Ilana Abrams, and their children, Adam and Danielle, for establishing the Hyman Family Spiritual Care Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba. The annual distribution from the Fund will help support The Simkin Centre’s Spiritual Care Program.

On behalf of the Hyman Family we would like to encourage members of the Community to consider donating to the Fund at the JFM and helping it grow.

There is a growing awareness that spirituality, or the way a person searches for meaning and purpose, hopefulness and connection, inclusive of religion, is an integral aspect of health and wellness. The Simkin Centre Spiritual Care Program is a vital aspect of the compassionate, person centred care we provide to our residents, families, and staff.